Drug and Alcohol & Mental Health Counselling - Dual Diagnosis

When we refer to dual diagnosis we mean an individual with a mental health problem (such as depression, anxiety or psychotic illness) together with a substance use problem (such as cannabis, alcohol amphetamines or prescription medication dependence). People with alcohol and drug problems have higher rates of mental health problems than the general community. Perhaps the mental health problem prompted the person to abuse drugs, or the drug problem came before the mental health problem. Substance use can exacerbate the mental health problem, for example - alcohol is a depressant and long term use can prolong depression and make recovery more difficult or amphetamines may trigger a psychotic episode in some people. The recognised treatment is for both the substance dependence and the mental health problem to be treated at the same time.

Work Life Balance


Work life balance is the relationship between your work and other areas of you life, such as family, recreation and study. Finding the balance in these areas and understanding how they impact on one another can improve quality of life and mental well-being. Talk to Rosie about how to achieve a more stable work-life balance.

What Is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the moment. It has been defined as remembering the lessons from the past, remembering our purpose and remembering to be here now in the present moment. Mindfulness is being in the present and having centred awareness, paying attention to what is happening and what you are doing right now. If we are ‘in’ each moment it is difficult to be in emotional distress. Mindfulness helps us break unhealthy reactive patterns and automatic negative behaviours. Mindfulness is the opposite of being mindlessly or being on automatic pilot. If practiced daily mindfulness can give relief from stress, anxiety and depression. We can be mindful anywhere and with almost everything in life. We can be mindful when we are playing music, eating, talking, walking, sitting, lying down, and simply breathing.

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